Post production house Picture Shop partner with Screen Manchester to launch trainee skills and development opportunity

Applications have now closed for this opportunity. Thank you to all who applied. A member of the team will be in touch within the next two weeks should you be successful.

Everywhere we look there’s so much content and information instantly available to everyone.  

But do you ever focus on the images you see and wonder what it took to bring them to life? And did you ever imagine that you could be someone who could, in the future, be a part of the exciting, dynamic, ever evolving and creative Post Production process?

Now is your chance to explore some of the possibilities on offer…..

Following the success of previous Production Development Trainee SchemesManchester’s Film Office, Screen Manchester is pleased to announce that applications are now open to join a new scheme in partnership with globally renowned Post Production HousePicture Shop.

The aim of the initiative is to provide on the job training in junior roles for the next generation of talent for the Post Production sector.

With the support and assistance of BFIand Screen Alliance North, with National Lottery Funding, the post production trainee scheme will be a hands-on experience designed to build skills and open up this creative world to a wider talent pool. It will commence with a skills training day and the team are looking to find 25 applicants who live in the Manchester area interested in runner roles within facilities that can lead to experience of the broader Post Production process.

Applicants selected to proceed to the next stage as trainees will learn that every image we see on screen is made of the sum part of many skills – like a complex digital jigsaw. When the actors and the crew on set wrap filming a whole new process starts. Without the range of skills and talent Post Production brings together none of the work done on any drama, documentary, advert or entertainment show would ever be pieced together and made to look and sound perfect!

If you consider yourself to be organised, creative with strong vision, have good communication skills, an attention to detail and the ability to multitask you might just be someone who could find a successful and sustained career somewhere across the Post Production Portfolio.

Your skills could result in you being one of the creatives in the future who make those final and vital parts of the jigsaw come to life completing the final vision!

To apply for this opportunity candidates will need to be:

  • 18 years of age and over
  • Passionate, hard-working, reliable and responsible
  • Available to attend the unpaid Introduction Day in January 2024
  • Understand this is an opportunity that may lead to longer term placement
  • They also must have a Manchester base.