Introducing Screen Manchester’s Apprentice – Charles Abbott

Introducing Charles Abbott who is one of the first young Film and TV Industry professionals to become a part of the Screen Manchester Connected Apprentice scheme.

Along with Screen Alliance North and BFI with the support of National Lottery funding we are delighted to be opening doors to future high end production in The North staffed by the best talent on offer.

Charles’ story serves as an inspiration to anyone out there who harbours ambitions to work in Film and Television but who may consider this an impossible dream! On closer inspection there are so many opportunities to become a part of this world and Charles is proof that hard work and focus can and will succeed in helping today’s hopefuls get where they need to be, transforming their career dreams into day to day reality!

So – how did it happen for Charles?

From an early age he was fascinated by film and theatre which in turn led to his studying Creative Writing to A Level. This has shaped his career trajectory into the present. Having lived in Manchester since 2014 Charles began working in events in and around the city whilst simultaneously developing personal projects for film and theatre. He didn’t lose sight of his original plan!

In 2021, a script he worked on was picked up for funding and development by the BFI which led to a series of freelance projects working alongside a range of industry professionals from the likes of Netflix and Film4.

Bills need to be paid of course and all the time Charles was putting energy into his creative ambitions he worked other jobs including as a personal assistant for fashion retailer Oi Polloi, a role he eventually left to pursue his hopes of a full time career in the Film and TV industry.

This brave jump into the unknown led to Charles being selected by Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce’s apprenticeship scheme – Power Up Agency – which resulted in his securing a production assistant role with the film office for Manchester.

Working for Screen Manchester since June 2023, Charles has assisted in the locations, crewing and trainee departments of the company. And this is only the start. He has played an important role as part of the mega machine made up of skilled professionals that creates TV hits including Boiling Point and The Bay. And this is only the start.

Apprenticeships like Charles’ open the doors to the rarified world of production. The portfolio of skills and knowledge he and future apprentices are exposed to will help shape the journey each chooses to take towards rewarding future careers. Not only that, the more apprentices who rise to the change the more successful and secure the Film and TV industry in The North will be!